The Cursed Crusade


18 cert, DTP Entertainment, Xbox (also Playstation 3, PC) **

Maybe the rumours are true, and the Knights Templar are still operating in secret. Perhaps they’re a clandestine society of game developers? It might explain why the ancient order is so ubiquitous, from Dante’s Infernoto The First Templarto Assassin’s Creed. Here you play a noble young French Templar who, along with your Spanish brother-in-arms, sets off to find your father, hacking and slashing your way through thugs, soldiers and other unfortunates. The dialogue is silly (“You’ll not take me this day, Oh Death!”), which mightn’t be a problem if the cut scenes weren’t so long. The controls and combat are clunky and inaccurate, and much of the animation is awkward. With its premise and variety of weapons and combat, The Cursed Crusademight have been a godsend for gamers. Instead, it feels like an act of penance.