Step up holds no surprises for Dunne


Boxing: Fears that Bernard Dunne may have met his match in the shape of American David Martinez were put to bed last night when the Dubliner outfoxed his highly spoken of opponent and comprehensively won in eight rounds at the National Stadium. 

A difference in class was evident from the first bell as Dunne glided around the ring, eyes fixed on the New Mexican, bobbing and weaving when necessary and landing some heavy body blows when the opportunity arose. 

So comfortable was Dunne, that he took the time to talk to his opponent on numerous occasions throughout the bout and played a dangerous game at times when dropping his guard, before the call came from his corner to keep those hands up. 

Martinez was worthy opponent.  He fought valiantly and took punishment that has stopped many a fighter before him, but of the eight rounds, he won none, and never looked likely to either. 

His right eye took some punishment early on as Dunne's left hand jab found its range.  Dunne then concentrated on body shots that softened up Martinez, so much so that at one stage the American looked caught in two minds on whether to go down or stay up. 

Eventually his legs summoned the strength to stay up, largely because Dunne stood back and encouraged him to do so. 

It was not long however, before the end was called, and it came in the eighth round when Martinez's corner threw in the towel.  The 23-year-old was disgusted but in truth Dunne could have finished the job four or five rounds earlier. 

The Dubliner is now 21-0 and must surely be expecting a shot at Michael Hunter European title soon enough.