SF may face dissident candidates


Opposition:Republicans opposed to Sinn Féin moves towards acceptance of the PSNI and the courts may run candidates in up to 13 of the 18 Northern constituencies at the scheduled Assembly election in March.

Paul McGlinchey, former Sinn Féin worker and brother of murdered INLA leader Dominic MGlinchey, has said Sinn Féin's move at the weekend was "a step too far for him" and he will run as an independent.

Republican Sinn Féin (RSF) has also condemned Sinn Féin's move to hold a special ardfheis on policing later this month.

Party president Ruairí Ó Brádaigh said republican "martyrs" would not have crossed over to support for the PSNI-RUC.

Speaking at ceremony in Co Monaghan to mark the 50th anniversary of the deaths of two IRA men, Mr Ó Brádaigh said he could not imagine either Fearghal Ó hAnluain or Seán Sabhat sanctioning the destruction of IRA weapons or support for the police.Dedicated Irish republicans, he continued, could not see either of them following a path of "deceit, duplicity and treachery over 20 years".