Ruling sought on Nevin's right to assets held with husband


The High Court has been asked to rule whether Catherine Nevin is entitled to the assets she held with her husband Tom Nevin in view of her conviction for his murder.

Patrick Nevin and Margaret Lavelle, brother and sister of Mr Nevin, have asked the court to permit a preliminary hearing on admissibility of evidence at Nevin’s trial, and her conviction for murder, in relation to her claim to a share in her late husband’s estate.

Nevin (61), who has always denied any involvement in the murder, says she is entitled to a half share of assets jointly owned by her and her husband.

In 2000, she was convicted of murdering him at their pub, Jack White’s Inn, near Brittas Bay, Co Wicklow, in March 1996, for which she was jailed for life. She was also jailed for seven years for soliciting three men to kill her husband in 1989 and 1990, six years before the murder. Her appeal was dismissed in 2003.

Mr Nevin died without making a will. In 1997, his mother sought a court declaration that Nevin was not entitled to any share of his estate. After her death, her son Patrick and daughter Margaret continued the proceedings.