Nomination of Kenny adviser to €270,000 role ‘is old politics’

Ex- minister Alan Kelly amazed Shane Ross has not commented on McDowell nomination

The nomination of the Taoiseach's chief economic adviser Andrew McDowell to a role at the European Investment Bank (EIB) has been described as "old politics of the worst kind".

Former minister for the environment Alan Kelly said the nomination of Enda Kenny's economic adviser to the "the plum job" of vice-president of the EIB "is not new politics, this is old politics of the worst kind".

The post brings with it an annual salary worth in the region of €270,000. Mr McDowell will be formally appointed by the bank’s board of governors following his nomination by Mr Kenny.

Mr Kelly told RTÉ's Morning Ireland there had been a lack of transparency about the nomination of Mr McDowell. "I don't know if he is the best qualified person for the job. I don't know anything about the process or any of the details."


Mr Kelly said he was surprised Minister for Transport Shane Ross had not commented on the nomination.

“I wonder what level of happiness does Shane Ross need to have to ensure that there is a transparent process?”

“At other times Shane Ross, would have been jumping up and down about this. We now have a Minister at the Cabinet table who made a career out of seeking transparency on ‘jobs for the boys’.”

The former minister also said it would not make any difference who chairs the water commission as there is “a predetermined outcome”.

“I really think it doesn’t matter. There will either be charges or fines.”