Patten speaks on changes to RUC


There were "arguments for some change in policing in Northern Ireland" the head of the independent commission on policing, Mr Chris Patten, has said.

Mr Patten, who has just been appointed EU External Affairs Commissioner, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he hoped this week's political discussions would lead to the formation of the executive.

However, lack of political progress should not interfere with police reform, he added. "I think that, whatever happens this week, there are arguments for some change in policing in Northern Ireland.

"I think that is a point the Chief Constable, Sir Ronnie Flanagan, would make himself if he was on this programme," he said.

He said some planned changes to the RUC might have been postponed as people were waiting to see the proposals made in his report, due to be published by the end of the summer.