Teresa Mannion the sequel: reporter returns to Salthill

RTÉ journalist makes video from a ‘relatively dry and calm’ Galway in aid of charity Cope

The RTÉ journalist who has elevated weather reporting to a fine art — or an internet sensation — has returned to the Salthill promenade in Galway this week to support a charity assisting the homeless, victims of domestic violence and senior citizens.

Two weeks ago, Teresa Mannion’s storm-battered appeal to RTÉ television news viewers not to make “unnecessary journeys” or “take risks on treacherous roads” included the additional passionate warning from Salthill not to swim in the sea.

As her report went viral online, it inspired mashups and parodies ranging from a "Supercéilí­" remix to dramatic clips from Jurassic Park and The Day After Tomorrow.

This weekend , the reporter says she is broadcasting from a “relatively dry and calm Salthill” as she says she “cannot repeat the advice often enough from Cope Galway”.


“Do make the journey to Salthill, do sign up to Copegalway.ie and do swim in the sea this Christmas,” she says on a YouTube clip for the charity, as the camera pans to a brief sighting of Santa Claus at Blackrock tower.

The annual Christmas Day swim at Salthill is the year’s key fundraiser for Cope Galway, which assists the homeless, victims of domestic violence and provides services to older people.

Two weeks ago, during the night of Storm Desmond, 30 business and community leaders participated in a "sleep-out" to raise €50,000 for the charity. Students from Coláiste Iognáid secondary school in Galway are involved in a similar "sleep-out" to raise funds for homeless services this weekend. Copegalway.ie

Lorna Siggins

Lorna Siggins

Lorna Siggins is the former western and marine correspondent of The Irish Times