Polls of the year: We asked for your views and this is what you said

Tens of thousands of readers voted on topics ranging from abortion to James Bond

Over the course of the year tens of thousands of Irish Times readers have voted in polls on our leading stories, with some of the results proving to be quite revealing.

Each of the polls had at least 1,000 voters, while some have reached over 8,000, giving quite a broad picture of Ireland in 2015.

Topics range from the legalisation of marijuana to your favourite James Bond, as well as the decriminalisation of abortion and your thoughts on a united Ireland.

Here are some of the most interesting results from over the year:


Should marijuana be legalised in Ireland?

Voters: 7,825

YES: 95%

Should the Angelus be broadcast on RTÉ?

Voters: 5,144

YES: 53%

Do you think abortion should be decriminalised?

Voters: 6,375

YES: 82%

Would you favour a united Ireland?

Voters: 7393

YES: 67%

Who is your favourite James Bond?

Voters: 1,202

Sean Connery: 39%

Daniel Craig: 25%

Pierce Brosnan: 17%

Roger Moore: 10%

Timothy Dalton: 6%

George Lazenby: 1%

David Niven: 1%

Barry Nelson: 1%

Is the Government responsible for the withdrawal of the Web Summit?

Voters: 3,375

YES: 34%

NO: 42%

I don’t care about this story: 24%

Do you prefer to do your banking with a teller or at an ATM?

Voters: 2,177

With a teller: 66%

At an ATM: 34%

Will the claim linking meat to cancer prompt you to change your diet?

Voters: 4,426

I will not eat meat anymore:7%

I will eat less meat: 50%

I will not change my diet: 33%

I don’t eat meat anyway: 10%

Niamh Towey

Niamh Towey

Niamh Towey is an Irish Times journalist