New fire engine first of its kind in Ireland


In the presence of an interested gathering, which included Mr Seamus Murphy (Chairman), and Mr P.J. Hernon, Commissioners of the Dublin County Borough, the new fire engine, recently constructed by Messrs. Merryweather and Sons, Ltd., for the Dublin Corporation, was subjected to its official tests under the direction of Captain Connolly, the Superintendent of the Fire Brigade, in the Brunswick street Fire Station.

This is the first engine fitted with reciprocating pumps that has been introduced into Ireland, and unlike the present engines, on which turbine pumps are mounted, it will be able to deal with low pressure mains, a very essential factor in coping with outbreaks of fire in Dublin, inasmuch as the mains supplying the North side of the city are of the low pressure type, on which a turbine pump is not very effective.

The new type of engine is fitted in such a manner that if nothing but a well or stream is in the vicinity of the burning building it can be used as effectively as if it was working off a hydrant.

The Irish Times, January 4th, 1930.