Missing man found walking on country road


Gardaí are trying to establish how a man who was missing for eight months ended up being found near the Cavan-Leitrim border earlier this week.

Michael Kevin McGeever, (68), an overseas property developer, was found on a country road on the Cavan-Leitrim border on Tuesday night, walking alone with a torch and a mobile phone.

Last night gardaí said they still had to carry out a full interview with the man. They confirmed he was Michael Kevin McGeever, reported missing in Gort eight months ago.

The couple who found him at 10pm got the impression he was disoriented. He told them he did not know where in Ireland he was or what day it was.

He claimed he had been dropped a short while earlier by men in a van.

He said he had been held against his will for several months.

Mr McGeever was found some miles outside Swanlinbar on the road to Ballinamore.