Minister calls for action on stress in the workplace


The Minister of State at the Department of Health, Mr Tim O'Malley has said that the workplace is a major source of stress, which can lead to serious illness.

Speaking at the launch of mental health information leaflets today, Mr O'Malley noted that the workplace has been identified as a prime source of stress that can, in turn, result in ill-health.

"It is important that stress in the workplace, is addressed, not only because of the cost implications for employers, which are significant, but also because failure to address the issue will impact negatively on the mental well-being of staff," Mr O'Malley said.

The leaflets cover themes such as mental health for young people, facts about medicines, stress and mental health in the workplace.

The leaflets are part of the nationwide campaign by Mental Health Ireland, which has a network of local mental health associations throughout the country, to focus attention on the benefits of positive attitudes to mental health.