Kilkenny one-way traffic system launched


A ONE-WAY traffic system is being launched in Kilkenny city centre today. The changes, which were due to come into effect at 7am, are being implemented on a trial basis. The timing coincides with the start of the busiest tourist season and should help to ease congestion, particularly during the summer months. Gardaí and the local authority have advised motorists, pedestrians and all road users to observe new directional signage and to exercise caution over the coming weeks.

The principal changes are that John Street, Rose Inn Street, High Street and Michael Street are now one-way only.

Kilkenny mayor Malcolm Noonan said the measure was designed to “reconfigure a city planned 800 years ago for the 21st century”. Some councillors and business owners have expressed concern that the system could harm trade but the mayor appealed for the public to “give it a chance”.

County manager Joe Crockett said Kilkenny’s “narrow streets and other medieval features require an innovative approach in achieving a sustainable transport policy”. The one-way system is part of a larger “mobility management plan” which will involve greater pedestrianisation, the widening of footpaths and an increase in the number and quality of cycle lanes.

Council officials said the intention was to enhance business by “making the city a more attractive place to live and visit” and to provide “a better experience” for pedestrians. Full details of the changes and a map can be viewed on the kilkenny website.