Are you concerned about the National Maternity Hospital deal?

Tell us your thoughts about the ownership of the NMH site in Dublin

Are you concerned about the ownership of the site of the new National Maternity Hospital (NMH)?

The site was owned by the Religious Sisters of Charity, who have transferred their shareholding to a new company, St Vincent’s Holdings CLG. The land for the new Dublin hospital is to be leased to the State for 299 years.

Some campaigners say that because the land is owned by an entity with links to the Sisters of Charity, the hospital could be hampered by a religious ethos in delivering elements of women’s healthcare, such as abortion and IVF.

This view is disputed by hospital staff, including former NMH master Dr Rhona Mahony, who this week insisted the hospital would have complete independence and urged policymakers to proceed with the project.

The Government has said it will not consider any changes to the structure or governance of the new NMH, despite Opposition concerns.

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