Group against prostitution welcomes proposed new law


Members of Turn Off the Red Light campaign to end prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland have supported the Government’s steps towards new prostitution legislation.

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter published a discussion document last Friday on the future direction of Irish prostitution legislation.

At a conference at Irish Aid yesterday on the theme that immigrant women needed choices, not exploitation, Minister of State for Trade and Development Joe Costello said that the document should be published “shortly”.

“Choices – the title is a very good one and certainly prostitution is not a life choice for anyone, that is a simple basic fact.”

According to research by the Immigrant Council of Ireland, 97 per cent of women involved in prostitution in Ireland are immigrants.

Salome Mbugua, chief executive of African and Migrant Women’s Network Ireland, called at the conference for proper support and back-up for such women.