Frank McBrearty Jnr settles with State for €1.5m


The Department of Justice has confirmed that Frank McBrearty junior has settled all claims with the state for a sum of €1.5million.

Frank McBrearty Jnr
Frank McBrearty Jnr
The settlement relates to four claims, two in the name of Mr McBrearty, one in the name of his wife and one joint claim.

Some 47 high court actions by members of the extended Mr McBrearty family had been due to commence on October 18th. The claims relate to alleged malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest, planting of evidence and false arrest.

State lawyers conceded liability for damages to McBrearty junior in June last.

The Morris Tribunal found that members of the Gardai attempted to frame 36 year old Mr McBrearty and his cousin, Mark McConnell for the murder of Richie Barron in October 1996. Five pathologists have subsequently stated that Mr. Barron died as a result of a hit and run accident.