Discovery of dead dogs in skip launches Garda investigation


Investigations have started in Kilkenny following the discovery of a badly emaciated greyhound and two dead dogs at a public landfill. The two carcasses and the live greyhound, which had to be put down later, were found in a locked skip located on the outskirts of Kilkenny city.

County council workers Mr Martin Parker and Mr Pierce Purcell found the animals yesterday morning. They managed to recover the greyhound and brought it to a shelter at Dunmore. Mr Brian O'Donovan, an engineer, was on hand and ordered the two bodies to be buried immediately for health and environmental reasons. He then contacted the gardaí and the ISPCA.

Mr Brendan Hughes of the new ISPCA national investigation unit carried out a thorough examination. The greyhound cowered in the corner of the shelter as Mr Hughes, assisted by the Co Kilkenny dog warden, went to its assistance and discovered it had a badly crushed paw. It was taken to a local vet who put it down.

Mr Hughes said the animal has suffered months of neglect and had not been fed for at least a month. The two dead dogs had also been the victims of extreme maltreatment, he confirmed.

"We are determined to stop abuse, whether they are farm or domestic animals," he said.

The skip where the dogs were found is locked and emptied once a week. It it is thought all three dogs were in the metal container for a number of days.

Gardaí in Kilkenny have launched an investigation. Kilkenny County Council has also launched an investigation and is interviewing a number of people at a local authority halting site.