Home birth supporters demonstrate at Four Courts

More than 50 people gather ahead of couple’s High Court case against HSE

More than 50 people turned up outside the Four Courts this morning to support a couple who are attempting to overturn restrictions on home births imposed by the HSE.

Aja Teehan and her husband Charles Brand are seeking permission to have a home birth, which has been rejected as she previously had a caesarean section. This would mean there are risks of a rupture of the caesarean scars.

Amongst the supporters outside were representatives of the Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services (AIMS). Barbara Western of AIMS Ireland said Ms Teehan and Mr Brand's case challenged more than their own rights.

“They are fighting for human rights and child birth essentially. Giving woman autonomy over her own body and giving the family privacy,” she said.


"As a support officer with AIMS Ireland, I find there are too many cases of women who are severely traumatised by their births, because they are being controlled by the hospital system.

“So if women chose to have pain relief, they should be allowed to have pain relief and if they chose to have a home birth, they should be allowed a home birth and they should be supported in those choices.”

Ms Western said that the level of information on maternal rights in Ireland is totally inadequate.

A number of supporters brought their children to the demonstration.