Central Bank camp protesters vow to keep going


A “TENT town” of protesters outside the Central Bank in Dublin has vowed to remain in place “as long as it takes”, although they remained uncertain yesterday as to what exactly their demands are.

The “Occupy Dame Street” protest, which began on Saturday, is in solidarity with the “Occupy Wall Street” protest which started in New York last month.

By lunchtime yesterday about 20 tents had been erected and were still standing against high winds, having all been tied together as they cannot be pinned to the concrete surrounding the Central Bank.

Lee Page (35), from Baldoyle, Dublin, said the precise aims of the protest remained to be worked out, but said he was “with the majority of people in Ireland who are just pissed off with the way things are being run”.

“We need to get a fresh conversation going. The wheels have come off capitalism and we have just gone back to the old ways, point-scoring in the Dáil. Members of the are in Ireland today setting up their offices to tell the Irish people what to do. It’s poisonous what’s happening.”

Placards and posters erected around the tents have slogans such as “Is this a crime scene?” – referring to the Central Bank; “Troika = Junta” and “Fermoy says ‘No’ to Bondholder Bailouts”.

Mr Page said the community had organised itself for the long haul, with one tent set aside for food, one as a secure tent for valuables and one for tea and coffee during the day.

“It is pretty cold but we are keeping warm and morale is good. I am feeling better than I have done in months, really energised,” said Mr Page.

“I have done everything society has asked of me. I have played by all the rules, got a degree, had my own business and it has wound up, and I am just pissed off at this stage.We’re taking this day by day and working out our demands.

“We have an assembly every day at 1pm and 6pm and invite anyone, except politicians, to come down and speak with us. We also want anyone who wants to come and join our protest.

“We will be here as long as it takes.”