Call to end diplomatic relations with Israel


DUBLIN PROTEST:THE RECENT upgrading by the EU of a trading agreement with the State of Israel has given its government “the green light to kill Palestinians” protesters claimed yesterday.

During a demonstration by 250 people outside the Israeli and US embassies in Dublin, protesters called for the immediate ending of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, and the ending of the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement between the EU and Israel which aims to promote the integration of the Israeli economy into Europe.

Adnan Shadad of the Ireland Palestinian Solidarity Group called for the suspension of the agreement, which had recently been upgraded and “for us, that gave the green light to Israel to kill Palestinians”.

He said the protesters “are here in solidarity with the victims of the attack” and to get the international community to “stop the illegal attacks by Israel”.

Demonstrators, with placards saying “Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” and “End Israeli Terrorism”, shouted “shame on you” outside the two embassies, which are about 500m apart.

Richard Boyd Barrett of the Irish Anti-War Movement said that Ireland should “take the lead in Europe and end diplomatic relations with Israel”. He said Israel should be boycotted because it is “akin to apartheid South Africa”.

Israel, he said “is deliberately killing men and women” and the protesters were there to “reject claims the Palestinians are responsible for this”. Palestinians had suffered a blockade for two years.

Malacy Steenson of the Workers’ Party called on Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin to summon Israel’s ambassador to his office “and send him home”.