So, what’s hot and what’s not this week?

Make sure you catch The Third Wave but steer clear of the smug shoppers

Ellen Page stars in David Freyne’s psychological horror film The Third Wave


Glühwein Mull away. Best results come from making a spiced sugar syrup as a flavour base.

Turning Pirate Mixtape The New Year's Eve Vicar Street party will be celebrating legends lost in 2016

The Third Wave David Freyne's post-zombie film and the reason Ellen Page has been hanging out in Ireland


Sparkly jumpers Off to & Other Stories with you

Grafton mistletoe The best addition to Grafton Street's Christmas decorations

Giving Plenty of people and organisations need your gifts, cash and support this Christmas

MaebhMade For all your festive headdress needs @MaebhMade


Smug shoppers Yes, well done you for getting everything done online in November

Pessimistic projections for 2017 Please, that is not what we need right now

Love Actually revisionism The classic Lindy West article on Jezebel makes us hate a film we once loved. Damn!

Pubs looking like a Victorian garage sale Throwing a load of stuff at the walls and jacking up the beer prices doesn't make a "vibe"

Weirdly warm December Makes things feel less Christmassy

Celeb emojis An ego-fuelled trend that's already over

"Any plans for Christmas?" Eh, eating and lying on the couch. Since when were there more expectations?