Rise and rave

A new health fad has arrived on our shores, and Dominique McMullan goes along to try it out. Raving before work has never felt better

You could be forgiven for not immediately thinking of health and wellbeing when you hear music pumping from a small building off Camden Street at 6.30am on a Wednesday, but think again. Inside that building are 300 people dancing their socks off, having consumed nothing but fruit juice and the odd espresso.  As bubbles float over yoga mats, past colourful performers and into the dance area, even the grumpiest of morning grouches couldn’t help but feel a touch bushy-tailed.

Morning Gloryville is a new health craze that has been exported to Dublin from London and challenges people to “rave their way into the day”.  Using yoga, dance, costumes, massage and hugs, the people behind the sunrise celebration want to turn traditional clubbing on its head and transform mornings into something to celebrate.  One of the organisers, Chris Flack, told us he was initially dubious at how Dubliners would react, due to the current ‘sleepy morning culture’. However we feel that perhaps change is afoot, as he was more than pleasantly surprised when event on Wednesday morning sold out.

Wandering into the YogaHub courtyard you are greeted with a hug from one of the “Morning Children” and, despite the unpleasant thought of physical contact with a stranger before 10am, it’s not all that bad.  It’s full of toned, glowing, happy people sipping fruit smoothies, doing yoga and tapping their feet to the beat. Inside there is a small cafe, providing everything a health-conscious person could want for breakfast, and strong coffee. Upstairs, head and back massages are on offer from a very hardy looking man called Andrew.

The real triumph, however, is the dance room. It’s packed to the rafters with sweaty, fresh faced people dancing with what can only be described as astounding energy for this hour of the morning. The enthusiasm and positivity are contagious, and one can’t help smile and self consciously join in.


Admittedly we started off a bit dubious about this “immersive morning dance experience”. The cynic in us screamed “Go back to bed” and “They’ll all be in Lycra, sipping wheatgrass and judging your thighs”. However, Morning Gloryville turned out to be a more enjoyable experience than a sticky-floored late-night bar. And the acai berry on top? We got to work on time invigorated, enlivened and with a fuzz-free head.

Tickets are now on sale for the next Morning Gloryville on August 6th. Visit facebook.com/morninggloryvilledublin