From Bono to Bob

Bono, musician

Dear Bob,

I'm sorry,
Love Bono

“My brother Norman was the most consistent carer of my Dad in the last year of his life,” says Bono. Their father Brendan Robert Hewson died in 2001 after a battle with cancer.

Until the latter years, Bono and his dad had a difficult relationship. The U2 singer says he only realised after his death that he, not his father, had been the cause of most of their problems. "When I figured this out a couple of years after he died I went up a hill to a little chapel in the South of France to ask for his forgiveness. I felt an incredible weight lift from me. There's nothing like a grudge to give you a limp in life. I rolled back down the hill and I've been rolling ever since".

Sleep Inside the Pillow illustration of Bob Hewson, above, by Bono