Renault makes moves to compensate for Scenic II dashboard display fault


RENAULT HAS again moved to reassure its customers that the company is addressing a dashboard fault that occurs in certain Scenic II models after The Irish Timesreceived complaints from owners unhappy with the way the company has dealt with the matter.

A spokesman said that the company aimed to provide the best quality of service to its customers worldwide and that Renault Ireland is "really concerned" by the issues experienced by certain customers.

However, the company reiterated its position that this was not a safety defect as the performance of the vehicle is not affected in terms of the major controls such as braking, steering or headlights.

The company also claimed that there would be no negative effect on the potential resale value of the car.

"The Renault dealer fitting the new dashboard will record the mileage change and date in the service record book and Renault Ireland will also record the change in its database, ensuring no impact on resale value," the spokesman said, adding that new dashboard units contain a microchip set at zero kilometres which cannot be interfered with.

Renault has already begun the process of refunding those who had previously paid to fix the dash. Miriam Wallace from Cork was one of number of customers who reported the fault who has been informed that she will receive a partial refund.

However, she maintains that there are safety implications in driving without the information which the dashboard supplies.

"Apart from the fact that you don't know what speed you are going at you also don't have a clue how much petrol you have left," she said.

Under the 1963 Construction, Equipment and Use Regulations it is illegal for a person to drive without a functioning dashboard. All vehicles other than combat vehicles, works trucks, or low-speed vehicles must be fitted with a speedometer which is efficient and easily read at all times by the driver of the vehicle.

Ms Wallace also rejects Renault's claim that the resale value of the car will not be affected. "People who are buying a car aren't going to buy mine because of the market and because of the history that my car has had."

Having repeatedly contacted Renault Ireland since June she has been contacted by her Renault dealer and has been told she will receive a refund for all but €110 of the €425 she spent getting the dashboard repaired.

However, she claims that she had to "fight tooth and nail" to get the issue resolved.

"Renault are being a little bit disingenuous in making out that they are looking after their customers because in my experience the opposite was true," she said, adding that although she had owned two Renault cars previously she would not buy a car of the same make again.

John Coveney said that he felt the €110 fee charged by Renault was "considerably beyond nominal" considering the frequency of the fault, adding that there were also safety and resale value implications which had to be taken into account.

However, the Renault spokesman said that the €110 represented a "very competitive price" where a vehicle was "significantly outside" warranty.

Affected customers should contact their local Renault dealer or Renault's Customer Services team on 1890771771 or by e-mail at