My First Car


Sports journalist Mark Lawrenson remembers his first car, a Toyota Corolla.

What was your first car?

A Toyota Corolla 1.2

Why did you buy it?

It seemed well priced - and apparently reliable!

Was it new or second-hand?


Did you know how to drive when you bought it, or did you learn to drive in it?

I had already passed my test.

What did you know about cars when you bought it?

The same as I know now - absolutely nothing!!!

What advice did you get when you were looking for a car?

Don't trust the salesman and haggle like hell.

What did you pay for it?

£1,200 sterling.

What impact did running a car have on your pocket?

It very quickly started to empty my pockets.

Was it hard to get insurance?

18 years of age - young footballer - the answer is yes, definitely.

How reliable was it?

Extremely - it was good value.

How did it change your life?

My parents ceased to be a taxi firm and I was free!

What was the longest trip you ever took in the car?

Lytham St Annes to Brighton return - 540 miles.

Your best memory of the car?

Better ask my girlfriend at the time!

. . . and your worst memory?

I reversed it into a lamppost - it was never the same.

How long did you keep your first car?

Six months.

Why did you get rid of it?

I got a sponsored car - a TR7.

Did you sell it on for a better deal?

No - does anybody apart from garages?