Jaguar’s Evoque-ative new SUV set to emerge from the shadows

New Jag 4x4 to be unveiled at Frankfurt motor show


Jaguar has finally officially confirmed what we have long been expecting: it will bring a concept SUV to the Frankfurt motor show later this month.

Dubbed the C-X17 (teaser picture, above), the concept will be a low-slung 4x4, very much in the mould of an Audi Allroad or, for that matter, the Range Rover Evoque, made by Jaguar’s sister company, Land Rover.

The car will not be based on the Evoque, though, but will instead platform-share with the all-aluminium Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Jaguar isn’t committing yet to full production of the car, saying only that the concept is there to show off Jaguar’s new all-aluminium chassis upon which all of the company’s models will be based in the future.

However, a production Jaguar 4x4 is a virtual certainty, with the XQ and Q-Type names already having been registered and Jaguar dealers worldwide still calling for just such a model to bolster their sales.