Former BMW man Bangle rattles a few motor industry cages

Car designer slams car makers’ lack of imagination


Former BMW chief designer Chris Bangle (above) has slammed most modern car makers for being too unimaginative in their vehicle design.

Bangle, who created the controversial 2001 BMW 7 Series and the E60 5 Series, left BMW in 2009 to form his own design consultancy. Speaking to Automotive News, he said: “there is a real need for change and that is just not happening.”

Bangle claims that too many car makers are just re-hashing old ideas when creating new models and that even concept cars have become staid as they are too closely tied into previewing new production models.

Sadly, Bangle isn’t likely to return to car design any time soon, saying that he has already turned down many offers to become head of styling at other car makers.