47: Range Rover Velar – Stunning looks but price is too steep

Top cars for 2018: The best looking crossover on the market but it’s price is hard to justify


They say it’s easier to make a big car good looking than a small one, simply because of the sheer acreage of available metal with which to work, but possibly even that cannot explain away the serious good looks of the Velar.

Named for a disguised prototype 1970 Range Rover, the Velar takes the all-aluminium structure of the Jaguar F-Pace, and from it comes one of the best-looking SUVs we’ve ever seen.

The cabin is a delight too, with that space-age double-decker touchscreen setup, wonderful levels of comfort and refinement, and a welcome sense of quality for a brand that has long had its reliability issues.

The downsides? The basic four-cylinder engine options are only barely adequate, and you really need to upgrade to the expensive optional air suspension to get the best from it.

Best model: 3.0 TDV6 HSE

Prices start from: €62,240

Finance package from: POA

Co2 emissions: 142-214g/km

Sum-up: Stunning to look at, and (with air suspension) nice to drive. Noticeably not cheap.