Know who you are


For the past few years, the writer and social historian, Turtle Bunbury, has been commissioned to research or write the history of over 150 families. In some cases, the client wanted it for a golden or ruby wedding anniversary. In others it was for a Christmas or birthday present. And sometimes it was out of simple curiosity. Most of the families he looked at originated in Ireland, but they have also been Irish-American, Canadian, British, Danish and Russian.

He is now taking it a step further and has launched “Your History in a Book”. The concept is straightforward. You send him the basic facts of your family genealogy and he transforms them into a colourful, living and readable history. He will place each generation in the context of the times through which they lived, linking them to significant historical events and characters. The results can be assembled as a book or a website and, in either case, are fully illustrated with photographs, world images and maps relevant to your family’s journey through life. You can read all about it on his website: and follow the link.