Pot luck


Home Store and More (01-4276500, homestoreandmore.ie) has good value on patio and conservatory planters. Wide-brim ceramic pots (right) in cobalt blue and a range of sizes are down from €34.99 to €17.50 (44 cm x 29 cm), from €19.99 to €9.99 (33cm x 21 cm), from €9.99 to €4.99 ( 27cm x 17cm) and from €4.99 to €2.50 (19cm x 12cm).

A range of tall brown square zinc-style pots are also reduced from €44.99 to €22.50 (37cm x 37cm x 49cm), from €34.99 to €17.50 (31cm x 31cm x 40cm) and from €24.99 to €12.50 (26cm x 26cm x 30cm). Buy online or in stores.