Meal Ticket: Camden Exchange, Dublin 2

Camden Exchange may be following a well-worn path, but it still offers something a little different – and tasty

This article is over 4 years old

Camden Exchange

You could argue the craft beer + street food +cocktail formula has been done to death in the capital. And then you could tell that to a woman happily scoffing curry and cheese chips and drinking a Granny Smith Spiced Apple cocktail and see who wins…

Camden Exchange is indeed following a well-worn path. It has the exposed brick, industrial interiors, kitchen-in-an-indoor-van thing down pat. But even still, it offers something a little different – and tasty to boot.

The former bank building served its time as the location for RTÉ series Raw. Now you can expect a tiled bar at the front, booths in the middle and a selection of wooden tables surrounding the kitchen-van down the back. The menu is short and sweet - with an impressive two-thirds given over to details of their suppliers, including the Bretzel Bakery, FX Buckleys and Gubbeen.

Sharing plates (€6 each, three for €15), include mezze with flatbread and crudités, garlic and parsley shrimp skewers with bloody mary dip, and some seriously tasty smoked Gubbeen cheese croquettes, which come hot and smokey and flecked with chives, oozing out of their shell and dunked in a slow cooked tomato relish. Mains are €8 each, or €10 if you want fries (you’ll want fries). They include a couple of veggie options (the crispy chickpea cake looks good), a rolled pork belly sourdough sandwich with cheese, chorizo jam and pork scratchings, or a tender, crispy chicken breast served in a bap or salad (we tried the salad) with Korean hot sauce, pickles, slaw and cashews.

With 50 different craft beers, the moustache twirlers should be kept happy, and the cocktail list includes a Garden Bloody Mary (with basil and ginger), a bacon-spiced Manhattan and that tart Granny Smith cocktail (€10) with apple and cinnamon- infused Tanqueray, elderflower liquor and cloudy apple juice.

As for those curry and cheese chips (€5): just order two portions.