‘I’d have a real soft spot for chicken wings but during the season I do my best to stay away’

What I Eat: Tomás Mossy Quinn, Gaelic footballer

What did you eat yesterday?
For breakfast, I had porridge with honey and berries with a fruit smoothie. For lunch, I had poached eggs with brown bread.

I had a snack in the afternoon of rice cakes and a cup of green tea. And last night I had home-made burritos with guacamole for dinner.

Pre-match meal – same every time or does it vary?
Generally, it's the same thing with slight variations. Pretty much always pasta with a meat and some steamed veg. Usually chicken, sometimes the spicy chicken you can get in M&S – baked and put on top of pasta. I'd eat around two and a half hours before the game.

Anything you do without that you particularly miss?
I try to stay away from chicken wings or Buffalo wings or whatever you want to call them. I'd have a real soft spot for them but during the season I do my best to stay away.


Over the winter now, I’ll be in Elephant & Castle a fair bit.

Favourite place to eat out?
Kajjal in Malahide. It's a Pakistani place that's very good and I'd eat there quite a bit.

What do you cook most often?
I'd say that once a week or every 10 days, I cook a nice steak. I like a well-cooked steak. We have a local butcher that I go to and we get our meat there.

Scale of 1 to 5, do you enjoy cooking?
Depends on how busy I am. If I have time to prepare and time to plan, I'd say a four. I do enjoy it a lot when I have a bit of time to go at it.

But some days if I’m eating on the run and just cooking for the sake of it, I’d make it a two. When you’re in a hurry, there’s no real enjoyment.

Mossy Quinn plays for St Vincent's against Ballymun tonight in the replay of the Dublin county final