Best newcomer 2015: Run Logic

A sports store-cum-cafe that sells everything you need to run

Best newcomer Run Logic Run Logic is a sports store-cum-cafe that sells everything you need to run from industrial strength sports bras to seriously well engineered trainers.

It was set up by Ash Senyk who worked at Runways on Parnell Street for seven years, all the while saving his money and signing up for a Dublin Enterprise Board start your own business course.

He opened Run Logic in Temple Bar last December. To understand his love of the sport you have to travel back in time to his native Australia.

He grew up on a grain farm about 160km outside Adelaide where the journey to the family post box was a 10km round trip. The long distances he had to travel on foot to get anywhere as a teenager encouraged his love of running. Later, competing in the New York marathon while working in the US with Tourism Australia hooked him for good.


The shop’s club culture is what really motivated readers to nominate it. His Wednesday evening runs from there can be anything from two to 40 people trailing behind his Pied Piper lead. There is no time card, no race, just interesting destinations, like last week’s fish and chip run to Howth.

People live and breathe it, he says. “They run to fundraise, to self-challenge and to socialise. It’s a good clean social activity that is actually a culture.”

“That club element of Run Logic is an integral part of its appeal and swung it in the competition,” said Eddie Shanahan. Senyk wanted to create a comfortable space where people could sit down, linger and share their experiences and he has.

Smock Alley Court, Essex St West, D2 01-598 9777,