Think pink: How to make the shade of the season work for you

Don’t be alarmed but pink lipstick and pink eyeshadow work on everyone

Pastels are everywhere for summer, which will hardly come as a shock, but it is a perfect time to reignite our relationship with the often unfairly maligned colour pink.

Pink hues in make-up work on everyone – yes, even those with pink undertones to their skin. If you are on the pink side, prepare skin well with good skincare and get yourself a great concealer. Pink blush will not make you look pinker, or clownish. Pink lipstick is not a poor woman’s red, and pink eyeshadow is far more wearable than you might think. So think pink.

Though of course it does not give a pink hue to the skin, Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour auto-replenishing moisturiser (€34) is famously associated with its pink colour and delectably gelatinous texture. I always take fright when a brand has the audacity to reformulate one of my favourite products, but Clinique has somehow made this even better. Anyone with dehydrated skin (that is more or less everyone) from their teens to their advanced years will benefit from this. It is a sensational base for make-up.

Since Trinny Woodall’s stackable, clutz-proof make-up line, Trinny London, launched online at Brown Thomas, Flush Blush in Wiggs (€30 at has been my daily go-to blush. It is perfection – the ideal pink – neither too purple nor too yellow; not insipid, saccharine or too ruddy. In other words, it falls into none of the traps pinks can be prone to. Dab it on with fingers to enliven a tired face. It works on all skins.


Depending on the shade, a pink blush will suit everyone. I almost overlooked Erdem for NARS Loves Me Not Blush (€31.50 at Brown Thomas) recently because, frankly, it looks uninspiring and a tad leached of colour in the pan. Thank goodness I didn’t. When applied, it is a gentle, buttery pink flush that makes pale skin sing arias. Give it a chance – you won’t regret it. It is equally beautiful run very softly over the eyelid for a tonal (not frightening) make-up look.

The consecutive flurry of various Urban Decay Naked palettes, while nice and mostly very wearable, was getting a bit tedious. Nudes eyeshadows are pretty, but the heart yearns for something with a little more chutzpah. The hotly anticipated Urban Decay Backtalk Palette (€43 at Urban Decay Grafton Street and House of Fraser from June 14th) is the talk of palette enthusiasts everywhere, and for good reason. Arising from customers’ love of its eponymous pink-mauve lipstick, the Backtalk Palette is infinitely more wearable than you might first think, for day or evening.

L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Shine Lipstick (€13.85 at is the easiest and most comfortable lipstick that has come my way in a while, and is like a cool glass of water to the matte lip trend, which has been rather arid and uninspiring. These pack excellent pigment and feel soft and sumptuous to wear. Choose #Trending for a howling hot pink or Only in Paradise for a wearable but entirely complimentary pop of colour.