Have your say: Is a teacher shortage due to housing costs and part-time hours?

Poll of principals finds vast majority had difficulties hiring qualified teachers in the past six months

Are you a teacher who has experienced problems getting a permanent contract, full-time hours or are you struggling with accommodation costs? Tell us your story, it can be anonymous.

A poll of second-level school principals has found the vast majority have experienced difficulties hiring qualified teachers in the past six months.

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland says many teachers simply cannot secure accommodation or afford to live in certain areas while a lack of full-time hours is a major factor in teacher shortages.

Tell us what problems have you faced? Have you left or turned-down teaching jobs because of these issues? What do you think the Government could do to help with the teacher-shortage? Have you had to compromise on place you live due to price of accommodation? Or are you a teacher who has emigrated, and what would bring you back to Ireland?


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