Israeli diplomat in Ireland deletes tweet suggesting Ireland funded Hamas tunnels in Gaza

Israeli embassy says tweet was ‘wrong’ and ‘does not represent the official position of Israel’

The Israeli embassy has admitted that a tweet sent by one of its senior diplomats suggesting Ireland funded Hamas tunnels in Gaza was “wrong” and did not reflect its government’s policy.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday, Adi Ophir Maoz, the deputy head of mission in Dublin, stated: “#Ireland Wondering who funded those tunnels of terror? A short investigation direction - 1. Find a mirror 2. Direct it to yourself 3. Voilà”

She linked to a post by the Israeli deputy spokesman on foreign affairs, Alex Gandler.

Mr Gandler stated that international aid to Gaza was being diverted by Hamas into building tunnels.


“There is a city of defense and attack tunnels under the sands of Gaza. Instead of investing in a metro, water treatment plants, roads, schools, electricity grids and the wellbeing of all Gaza residents, what Hamas has done is dig tunnels of terror, filled with bunkers, ammo storage facilities, command and control centers and hostage\kidnaped cells. Hamas is ISIS.”

Ms Maoz has now deleted the tweet. According to the embassy, it has now been deleted “since it does not represent the official position of Israel or the embassy”.

“The tweet was in reference to the ample evidence that Hamas, which controls Gaza, abuses international humanitarian aid that is sent to Gaza.

“However since the text and wording were wrong, it was deleted.”

Previously Ms Maoz said people in Ireland who have been on the streets demonstrating against Israel should “open their eyes” to the reality of the country’s enemies.

“You are celebrating death. You are applauding torture, rape and burning people alive. You chant for the complete destruction of a democratic sovereign state that lives exactly where their ancestors lived for thousands of years.”

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy is a news reporter with The Irish Times