Teenager died trying to save friend from drowning in Co Derry lough, inquest told

Sixteen-year-olds Reuven Simon and Joseph Sebastian drowned while swimming at Lough Enagh in August last year

A teenager died as he tried to save his friend from drowning while swimming in a Co Derry lough, an inquest has been told.

Sixteen-year-old friends Reuven Simon and Joseph Sebastian drowned while swimming at Lough Enagh in August last year.

The boys, from Derry’s Indian Keralan community, had been due to return to St Columb’s College after receiving their GCSE results.

Opening an inquest at Coleraine Courthouse into the tragedy on August 29th, 2022, coroner Anne-Louise Toal said she had decided to consider the two deaths together as the boys had died in the same incident.


One of the first to give evidence was Reuven’s brother Evan, who said that a number of friends had met up on that sunny afternoon and made a plan to go swimming. They cycled to the lough where most of the boys entered the water.

Evan said: “When I entered the water it was cold, very cold. The water was dark green colour, you could only see the bottom in the shallow areas.

“It got deep fast and I only went in as far as my chest. I was only about five metres from the shore. We had been in the water about 10 or 15 minutes, messing about, having fun,” Evan said.

“I became aware of Joseph getting into trouble, he was maybe three metres further into the lake than I was. He was moving away from me, I thought he might be caught on something or the current was moving him away, I am not sure.

“His head was bobbing in the water, going under and coming back up.”

Evan said that his brother Reuven had gone to try to help his friend Joseph.

He said: “Joseph was struggling for a few seconds and then went under. I didn’t see him again. I then noticed my brother was starting to struggle too. He was unable to stay above the water. After a few seconds, he went under the water too.”

He said that one of his friends had phoned the emergency services while the rest of the boys tried to find Joseph and Reuven.

Asked about the weather on the day, Evan said it had been very sunny and there was no wind.

The fathers of the two teenagers also gave evidence on the first day of the inquest, as did a number of other boys who had been with the group

Reuven’s father, Joshy Simon, told the hearing that his son had been “kind and courageous”. He also raised concerns about a lack of signage at the lough at the time of the tragedy.

Coroner Ms Toal said the hearing would resume on Tuesday with evidence from search-and-rescue staff who had assisted in the recovery operation. – PA