Donkey videoed being dragged behind car now ‘safe and in good health’

Seven animals were seized in Edenderry area after video circulated of mistreated donkey with rope around its neck

A donkey videoed being dragged behind a car with a rope around its neck, an act which was condemned by gardaí and numerous animal charities, is now “safe and in good health, having been assessed by a vet”.

As a result of the video being circulated on social media, seven donkeys were seized, due to abuse concerns, in the early hours of last Saturday morning by gardaí with the help of two voluntary organisations.

Gardaí in the Laois/Offaly division, along with charities Hungry Horse Outside and My Lovely Horse Rescue, were called to the Edenderry area of Co Offaly on Friday night. The donkey in the video and six other animals were seized under Sections 12 and 13 of the Animal Welfare Act and immediately taken into care. Edenderry gardaí are continuing to investigate.

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland said it worked with Hungry Horse Outside staff to transport the animals to its facilities “where they remain safe and in good health, having been assessed by a vet and given access to food and shelter”.


“The incident was clearly very distressing and has generated a great deal of public interest and sympathy for the donkey in question. We appreciate all of the expressions of thanks and the support we have received from people all over the world.”

The Sanctuary added that it feels it is also an opportune time to remind the public that, while documented incidents like this are rarely seen in the public domain, they attend thousands of donkeys across Ireland every year who are suffering through neglect and abandonment.

“Key drivers for this suffering are unplanned breeding, and a lack of education and awareness around donkey welfare,” saidThe Donkey Sanctuary Ireland spokesperson.

“As well as responding to cases, The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland is working hard to address these issues in the longer term by supporting donkey owners and keepers with services such as rehoming, castration, farrier, dentistry, and husbandry advice wherever possible.

“We can only succeed in our work, in the long term, if there is a long-term commitment to enforcement of the law, and improved monitoring and inspection of equine owners and premises.”

My Lovely Horse Rescue drew public attention to the donkey in question, and Hungry Horse Outside provided care and sanctuary to the animals.

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland cares for on average 1,700 donkeys and mules, and thousands of donkeys in the community.

A Garda spokesperson added: “We ask that any incident is reported to a local Garda Station where a complaint will be logged and fully investigated.

“We continue to appeal for witnesses to make themselves known by contacting Tullamore Garda Station on 057 9327600.

“If you have concerns about the safety of a person or animal contact emergency number 999 or 112″.