God of War: Ascension


It’s misleading to say that Kratos tears his enemies limb from limb. Indeed, the disgruntled Greek also tears them spine from back and brain from head. A sort-of prequel to the God of War series, Ascension finds Kratos imprisoned after he swears vengeance on the gods for tricking him into killing his family. As usual, mixing in fresh characters with familiar Greek myths, this is a third-person action/adventure in which Kratos travels on a one-man revenge. These games are always enjoyably melodramatic and pulpy, though this time the story isn’t quite as engaging and the gameplay isn’t as fresh. Kratos remains pretty one note and – seven games in – the series shows signs of fatigue. The multiplayer option is pleasingly chaotic, but feels like an afterthought. Still, even a lesser God of War game offers low-brow thrills; lifting an enemy and flinging him at his colleagues never gets old.