It Folds review: Rich theatrical pickings | Tiger Dublin Fringe

A tale of dark secrets and high whimsy

It Folds

Peacock Theatre


As Kevin’s ghost tells the audience about the parish priest stripping down in front of the altar boys in the sacristy after Mass, it seems like a return to furtive dark secrets within the church. But whimsy soon blows in, with a hilarious account of how Kevin’s bell-ringing delays the arrival of the Holy Spirit at consecration. Although the jigsaw is never fully complete, the dark tragedy of the boy’s abduction slowly emerges through set-pieces using movement, text and impressive three-part singing. The large cast, assembled by open call just weeks ago, finds the right pitch as proceedings flip-flop between the graveside laments and lighter set-ups, such as the distraught parent’s visit to a dodgy psychic in an attempt to find his body. The dramatic rhythm isn’t always even and some gags, like the pantomime horse, are a little forced, but the creators and performers provide plenty of rich theatrical pickings.