In search of home

Letters from the past provide hope for the future


Finding Sympathy

The New Theatre


Ella Daly is usually one third of Limerick-based theatre company Amalgamotion, but Finding Sympathy is her first full piece as a writer. It makes sense that Daly is alone here, as this is her story of self-examination and of correlating objects to memory and a sense of self.

Ella tell us of old letters detailing a romance between strangers decades before. She draws her perfect house in salt lines on the stage, and presents objects she adores – lamps, a chair, dance cards from 1909 – in an effort to explain what she wants from life. It’s no surprise that it is security and reciprochal love. The story falters early on in its telling – possibly due to Daly’s nerves – but regains itself to conclude thoughtfully. Its simplicity (aided by Gina Moxley’s solid directing) belies the depth of this touching work.

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