Yeggmen: Together In The Fullness Of A Solar System review – More of a dulling thud than a big bang

Fri, Jan 4, 2019, 06:00


Together In The Fullness Of A Solar System


Self release


With a background in musical composition for theatre and TV, Yeggmen’s vocalist, guitarist and founder Fred Ozanne knows how to set a mood.

Together In The Fullness Of A Solar System is the debut album from the French indie three-piece. In an attempt to summon the powers of Depeche Mode and Gary Numan, but sounding more like Franz Ferdinand, this is darkened electropop that wants to lift us up out of the ordinary and into the great unknown by posing big existential questions.

On A86, the album opens with a big exit out of Paris via the A86 ring road tunnel, and in a quest to escape all the way to the cosmos, they question humanity on On the March, love on Lovely, isolation on You Are Lost and on Station Home, our purpose here on Earth gets a good seeing to in an ominous burst of synths and jackhammering rhythms.

Ozanne’s voice is deep and porous, which lends itself to the grand themes, but where they could have captured the roar and thunder of the Big Bang, Yeggmen serve up a dulling thud instead, which works quite nicely.