We Banjo 3: Live In Galway | Album Review

Fri, Jun 12, 2015, 00:00


Live In Galway

We Banjo 3

Independent Release


When you’ve forged such a great reputation on the back of your live performances, it makes sense to try to capture that elusive zeitgeist in full flight.

We Banjo 3 have done just that with this recording, bagged in the Róisín Dubh, anchored by the banjos of Enda Scahill, Martin Howley and David Howley, and belatedly scaffolded by the fiddle of Fergal Scahill, along with accordion, dobro and guest vocalists Norianna Kennedy and Nicola Joyce.

Wisely eliding the in-between song banter, We Banjo 3 concentrate on their glistening tunes, with Liz Carroll’s Air Tune planted mid-set.

Howley’s feverish vocals might occasionally need tethering, but the richness of his tone and sophistication of his phrasing are still show-stoppers.

An infusion of no-holds-barred, high-octane live music.