The Rails – Other People album review: British folk-rock at its finest

Tue, Sep 26, 2017, 13:24


Other People

The Rails

Psychonaut Sounds


Making your mark can’t be easy when your parents are British folk-rock icons Richard and Linda Thompson and your brother is singer-songwriter Teddy Thompson.

But with The Rails, her band with husband guitarist James Walbourne, Kami Thompson has found her voice. Other People builds on their impressive 2014 debut – you will not hear a better British folk-rock album this year.

Walbourne’s day job is with the Pretenders though he also plays with the Pogues and the opening The Cally, a wonderful yearning ballad of London people and place, owes much to their influence.

Thompson’s parents also exert a strong influence, both in Walbourne’s guitar playing and their vocals, solo and in harmony, as shown on Drowned in Blue, Leaving the Land and others. But these 10 songs, not least the irresistible title track, show The Rails growing into their own skin.