The Impossible Gentlemen: Internationally Recognised Aliens

Fri, Sep 13, 2013, 00:00


Internationally Recognised Aliens

The Impossible Genlemen

Basho Records


Too many trans-Atlantic jazz collaborations are hired gun affairs, in which an eminent Yank is parachuted into a line-up of lesser Europeans. But this league of extraordinary gentlemen is a more balanced act, a conversation of equals that has deepened over time despite the varying ages of its members. Welsh pianist Gwilym Simcock and Manchunian guitarist Mike Walker, two of the UK’s most inventive players, positively thrive on the brawny grooves coming from bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Adam Nussbaum, two greats of the New York scene. Their eponymous debut was a good start, with significant individual contributions from all concerned, but this follow-up makes The Impossible Gentleman start to look and sound like a working band – loose and interactive, with their own very approachable sound.