The Hot Sprockets – Dream Mover review: Another joyful jam

Fri, Apr 6, 2018, 13:30


Dream Mover

The Hot Sprockets

Cherrypopper Records


Dublin band The Hot Sprockets have more than a decade under their belt, and although they initially emerged on the wave of similar psych/garage bands, they remain the most enduring of that ever-thinning bunch. If you’re wondering why the five-piece have survived, the answer lies within their third album. In many ways, Dream Mover treads the same indie, rock’n’roll, soul, psych-pop and garage ground that their previous releases did, but though it offers little in the way of innovation or groundbreaking experimentation, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable journey through those genres.

The toe-tappy 1960s jangle of Right Spots and Imagine Us on the Sun are impossible to resist; So Low takes a turn for more considered fare, while You’ve Got Yours, with its honeyed brass-infused slouch, is influenced by Van Morrison in the best way imaginable. There are several missteps, not least the ill-advised balladry of the dreary Ruby Shoes and their clumsy foray into “mystic-era Beatles” on Woke Up. Still, Cold Cold Sweat, with its Fela Kuti-inspired drumming and rambunctious garage-pop rumble, best sums up why this album works: it’s a joyfully played tune that doesn’t take itself too seriously.