Songs for Walter - Songs for Walter: elegiac snapshots of genuine, character-driven life

Fri, Jan 22, 2016, 06:15


Songs for Walter

Songs for Walter

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Proving that music inspired by low-key concepts can be just as invigorating as results from its polar opposites, Manchester songwriter Laurie Hulme has fashioned an album that is equal parts family memoir and social history lesson.

The Walter in question is Hulme’s deceased grandfather, a man who clearly imbued in his grandson a love of storytelling both picaresque and practical.

From familial disapproval (Competition, Diffidence And Glory), first dates with the grandmother (Meet Me At The Empire) and loathing of space travel (Moon/Two Out Of Ten) to involvement with Communism (Useless), Hulme’s songs are elegiac snapshots of genuine, character-driven life.

That he delivers them wrapped up in musical styles that ably reference the likes of Nick Drake, Sebadoh, Bill Callahan and Dinosaur Jr is the cherry on top.