RY X: Dawn review - an astute command of lovely, wistful folk

Thu, May 19, 2016, 20:00



Ry X

Loma Vista

Singer / Songwriter

There’s much to like on the new album from Australian Ry Cuming, a dude who previously headed for the limelight as part of The Acid and Howling.

On his own, Cuming’s lovely wisp of a falsetto and his fondness for hazy, minimalist, slo-mo beats are worthy of attention, even at a time when such attributes have become common currency.

Like so many of his peers, Cuming has taken cues from Jeff Buckley and James Blake, but he does a lot more than simply head for the nearest photocopier with what he’s learned from that pair.

Songs such as the distinctive Salt and the sublime title track are full of hypnotic, winning melancholy, while Deliverance shows he’s also handy around the parameters of a house track.

Cuming’s craftsmanship really catches the ear on an album demonstrating his astute command of lovely, wistful folk.