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AILBHE MALONEfinds Katy B’s on a mission to be mellow


Dont Smoke My Blunt, Bitch by L$D.

Not the kind of title we’d normally cover, but L$D is in fact Kreayshawn and Grimes having a lark together in the studio. The track was reportedly written in roughly 10 minutes, but with Kreayshawn giggling “blah blah blah, I’m the man” and Grimes’s floaty vocals in the background, it’s five times better than it ought to be.

** After teasing tweets about “being in the studio with the girls”, the original Sugababes have finally confirmed when they’ll be releasing new music. Siobhan Donaghy tweeted: “the soonest itll be is in 2 weeks. The latest is 10 weeks. Thats all I know for now”. The trio lost the rights to the Sugababes name, but thankfully last year Mutya secured the rights to use the Sugababes name for specific merch, “namely paper, cardboard and goods; namely stationery, paper gift wrap and paper gift wrapping ribbons”. At least thats something.

** Meanwhile, Lily Allen’s back in the studio – and not just for boring old Bridget Jones Musical purposes either. Late last week, Allen tweeted at website Popjustice, “You will be pleased to know that i am currently in the f**king studio with @GregKurstin.” Kurstin produced both of Lily’s previous albums, and has also worked with Pink, Marina and the Diamonds, and Sky Ferreira.

** Who knew Katy B was so diplomatic? In an interview with website Gigwise, the On a Mission singer has weighed in, defending Madonna’s experiments in dubstep. “The thing is, to stay a relevant artist you have to evolve. If she went and made Like A Prayer again it would be a bit boring.” The red-haired vocalist continued: “When I first started writing songs I was jumping on a bandwagon a bit, even if it was a bit lower down the food chain so to speak. I guess Madonna is doing the same thing but just with the whole world looking at her. As long as she’s passionate about it, that’s all that matters. She was making dance music before I was even born.” G’wan Katy. Maybe the B stands for Buddha.