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AILBHE MALONEtries it with her headphones on

TRACK OF THE WEEK:Headphones, Little Boots.

With a track that’s more Blondie than Blondie, Little Boots is definitely back on the ball. Singing of popping your headphones on when the DJ’s not playing your song is all well and good, but what are your friends going to think? Regardless of how well we’d get on with LB on a night out, it’s a cracker and we defy you to get its catchy La La La chorus out of your head. BONUS POINTS: Headphones is produced by Pop Corner faves the Knocks.


Despite having an impeccable track record, Cheryl Cole wasn’t ready for a solo career, apparently. In an interview with website Popjustice, Chezza claims that it was Will.i.amwho pushed her into releasing a solo record. “At the time, I would have had a family. At the time, I was still married! But it was actually Will saying to us, ‘You know you’re going to do a solo record, right?’, and I was saying, ‘I don’t want to, not yet’.” Still unsure, Will urged Cheryl to commit, promising his services. “And he was like, ‘I think you should. You need to’. He said, ‘I’m excited, I want to be involved with it’. So he was involved from day one. I recorded my first ever solo song with Will”. Thanks Will.i.am! Well stop making fun of your silly jackets now.


Since acting in Holy Motors, Kylie’s been yearning to tread the boards once more. “My heart cries out for it; its such a deep longing. For years I’ve been waiting to get back into it and it just hasn’t happened. Or, it has happened and it was so disastrous that I thought: ‘Oh, it’s just not for me.’”. No word on whether she kept her overalls from Neighbours, but overall it was a positive experience, she claims. “I’ve got a lot of work to do before people stop thinking, ‘Oh, what’s Kylie Minogue doing in a film?’ But this has made me feel it’s possible to do something beautiful and challenging, and to be believable as someone else.”