Phisqa: Phisqa 5

Fri, May 3, 2013, 01:00


Phisqa 5




The growing reputation of Dublin’s Newpark Music Centre is drawing in a cadre of talented young international musicians, here to study with Ronan Guilfoyle and the rest of the faculty on Ireland’s first degree in jazz performance. Peruvian percussionist Cote Calmet is one of them, and the fusion of his own Latin American tradition with the gnarly contemporary grooves he’s been exposed to under Guilfoyle’s tutelage is a good example of the new sounds emerging form that hothouse environment. Phisqa (“five” in Quechua) is an intercontinental affair, with South African saxophonist Chris Engel, Italian guitarist Julien Colarossi, Venezuelan pianist Leopoldo Osio, and Irish bassist Cormac O’Brien. At their head, Calmet is a young musician at the beginning of what promises to be an interesting journey.